My face loves…

OleHenriksen The Clean Truth

I wash my face in the morning and evening with this foaming cleanser.

OleHenriksen Perfecting Moisturizer

OMG! This is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. EVER. It’s not heavy. It’s super lightweight, and you don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way.

OleHenriksen Walnut Scrub

This Transforming Walnut Scrub has been amazing for my skin. Three times a week. My skin loves it.

OleHenriksen Power Peel

I’ve had problems with dark spots and an uneven skin tone most of my adult life. I’ve searched for something that would help even out my skin tone. This Power Peel is the only thing that has come close!

OleHenriksen Glow 2 OH Toner

My skin looks and feels amazing. My skin tone is evening out! My mother and I saw the difference just one use made. And then, once a week for 6 weeks and omg!

My body loves…

Habibi Body’s Organic Essential Body Balm

Habibi Body’s Organic Essential Body Bar