15 Things You Do At Home When You're Alone & No One Is Watching

Sometimes, we are our own best company when no one is around. I can't tell you how many times I've passionately belted out the lyrics to "Midnight" by Jessica Ware or ran and slid in the hallway wearing nothing but my socks. And thank goodness no one was around to witness me try to practice Azonto and Ndobolo dances and tripping over my pups' toys to somehow end up halfway down the stairs, holding on to the banister for dear life as my dogs silently judged me.

But hey, we all do it. Maybe not the extreme tripping. But we all do weird and crazy things when no one is around. Here are 15 things you do when you're home alone.

The Simpsons tv yelling.gif

1. Talk to (or yell at) your tv

"Why'd you just give up?" "COME ON!!!" "Don't take him back! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" We've all been there, said that.

Let's Be Cops dancing.gif

2. Dance like no one is watching

Whether in your in your PJs, underwear or full on birthday suit, you know you've practiced some serious dance moves while no one was watching.


3. Watch Videos On The Toilet too long

Ever been on the toilet watching, scrolling through your timeline, playing World of Tanks, Candy Crush or watching YouTube videos until your foot fell asleep? Don’t lie.

The Flash.gif

4. Try To Beat The Microwave Timer

Whether you're cleaning or going to the bathroom, you know you've tried to beat the microwave timer!

You Got This.gif

5. Have Full-On Conversations With Yourself

Does this sound familiar? "I shouldn't have spent that money on those shoes." "Yes, I should have. I deserve it!"

- Me, to me

Adventure Time Farts.gif

6. Let 'Em Rip!

Let's be honest — when you're home alone, there's no holding back.

Dog in a blanket.gif

7. Wear A Blanket Around The House

Have you ever grabbed your super cozy, soft faux mink blanket and wrapped it around you, walked all over the house and burrowed in front of the tv with the blanket over your head? SAME.

taking selfies.gif

8. Take weird Selfies

We all probably take a lot of selfies in general. But when you're alone, you know you let it all your silliness and sexiness out on camera.

Easy A Gif.gif

9. Sing Obnoxiously loud

Don't front. You've know you've belted out countless songs and tried to hit the high notes when you were all alone.

Goodfellas laughing.gif

10. Laugh Hysterically At Yourself

I'm hilarious. I'm especially hilarious when no one is around to hear my witty jokes. Or see me trip over the kitchen mat in front of the stove...

Liz Lemon bathroom.jpg

11. Use The Bathroom With The Door Open

Hey, there's no shame in wanting to hear what's happening on "Empire" when you have to make trip to the bathroom! And since you're alone, you don't have to close the door.


12. Drink Anything Straight From The Carton

Cups aren't necessary when you're home alone.

peanut butter.gif

13. Eat Peanut Butter (Or Anything) From The Jar

There's just something about eating peanut butter with a spoon, straight from the jar, that makes everything better. It’s a scientific phenomenon. You want proof? Uhh, it just is, okay!

I need help.gif

14. Look up Your Ex On Facebook

"I wonder what that !@#$ is up to." All of a sudden, it's 3 hours past your bed time and you've somehow ended up on your ex's roommate's best friend's cousin's aunt's ex-husband's new boyfriend's page.

Beauty Vlogger.gif

15. Pretend To Be A Beauty Vlogger

Who doesn't hold their eye shadow palette up in the mirror and point to what shade you're about to use?

Whether you’re hyping yourself up, snooping on “bookface” or just lounging around the house, I can’t be the only one who does these. I know I’m not alone. You ain’t got to lie. Which ones do you find yourself doing the most?